Bikes on hire in manali

Manali draws youngsters from India as well as world over with a thrill to ride Himalayas. With a powerful motorbike as a mode of transport the thrill of journey is unprecedented for covering vast stretches of mountains, paved roads restrict one. Leh – Ladakh bike tours basically start from Manali and best bikes in Manali are hired by adventure lovers for their Leh Bike Safari..!

We can arrange reliable bikes on rent in Manali for local sight seeing as well as for adventure trip towards Leh-Ladakh regions. Western tourists too prefer Royal Enfield bikes for their endurance, dependability and power. You can rent a bike in Manali for your trips in India. This would be an ideal place to rent a bike, for people who want to do a driving holiday in India.

Booking Conditions:

  • Please confirm your booking of bikes for Manali – Leh bike adventure safari well in advance.
  • Valid documents and refundable security deposit must.
  • Fake ID’s or address proofs will attract legal action.
  • Always give correct numbers and address, in case of emergency that is the only help.
  • Valid ID proofs and DL must.
  • The bikes once booked will be cancelled with nominal deduction of 30% of total amount.
  • The refundable security deposit s will be withheld until motorcycle is back with us in same condition.
  • We do not guarantee anything neither we take personal responsibility towards bikers and their personal issues beyond our capacity to negotiate and manage.
  • Adventure is personal choice, take care for your decisions with maturity.
  • No booking possible without advance deposits.
  • Bike booking in Manali subject to Manali jurisdiction only.
  • All legalities, originating at bikers end and usage will be taken care by bikers.

Rented Bikes in Manali – For Manali Leh Bike Safari should be booked in advance as booking a bike at Manali in advance will always save your time, effort as well as make journey relaxing. Bikes for Manali – Leh route are provided with basic tool kit, safety tips for its best usage as well as a brief demo about its good functioning at that moment of hire. It also depends upon the biker, how he uses it for his personal safety as well as for good condition of the bike. Organizing group tours for bikes depends upon the size of the group as well as preferences of stay and food services they wish to have.


  • Only third party vehicle insurance is provided as is required under Indian regulations. This has very limited effect as you are travelling and if you cause an accident then no one is very interested in making insurance claims. The claim is made on the driver directly and usually in the form of cash compensation. Negotiate quickly and keep moving on your journey. Full attention to what you are doing is your best insurance.
  • Comprehensive insurance is not generally available on most bike rentals.
  • Medical and Accident/Travel Insurance, ensure that you have arranged all your travel insurance prior to departure as bike riding in India and some of the places that are popular can be difficult and things do happen. Full attention to what you are doing is your best insurance.

Manali Leh Late Bike Tours – October is late in the season for making the trip. Perhaps too late. Don’t underestimate it, it’s not an easy trip. It will be very cold (sub freezing) on the passes and might start snowing any time, which could be very dangerous. Don’t forget that there’s no cell phone coverage at all between Keylong and Leh so if something happens you’re on your own or have to pray for a truck to pass by. Personally we wouldn’t recommend this risk it so late in the season!!!


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